Church Nursery

Our service in the church nursery allows church members and visitors to focus on worship, rather than worrying about their children. We are being entrusted with the most important and vulnerable members of the church family. There is no greater treasure on this side of Heaven than the little ones God has given us.


This ministry consist of called out men of God to aide and assist the Pastor along with other ministries in areas such as sick and shut-in visitation, teaching, Baptismal services, Holy Communion and other leadership roles as needed or instructed by the Pastor.


The role of the deaconess is similar to that of the deacon. As spiritual leaders of the church, the deaconess shall assist the pastor and deacons in the formulation and operation of the ministries and programs of the church.

Garden Club

The Azalea Garden Club manage the flower ministry of the church. Through scheduling with the Garden Club, church members have the opportunity to place altar floral arrangements as memorials or as recognition for special occasions and celebrations, and at the same time enhance the worship area.

Heritage and Archives

This committee focus on maintaining and up-to-date factual, recorded account of events and activities that take place in the life of Munger Avenue Baptist Church.

Men’s Movement

Men of the church from young adults (after Senior High) to adult comprise the brotherhood. The programs and study are to be geared to address the issues and concerns relative to all age groups, especially the young adult seeking wise counsel and spiritual direction.


All women of the Household of Faith are welcomed into this ministry. The purpose of the mission is to provide an opportunity for evangelism to all ages and support of aiding the Pastor to spread the Good News. The Women’s Mission serves to link women to the ministry.

Music Department

The music ministry functions to lead the congregation in song, to unify, uplift and inspire the church body during periods of devotion and worship.

New Member Orientation

The first step in keeping members is to prepare them for membership. Some members are lost before they are ever gained simply because they embarked upon church membership without a full understanding of its meaning and the responsibilities that it entails. Our New Members Orientation gives new members the understanding and meaning of church membership, the articles of faith, and the responsibility of membership.


The Outreach Committee strives to alleviate some of the human suffering we find in the community and world. This committee socializes with in the community by while spreading the Word of God and inviting families into the church.

R.E.A.C.H. (Reaching Every Available Child’s Hope)

The REACH Ministry is a ministering auxiliary with a personal commission of in-reach (greeting visitors) and outreach (encouraging faithful support of all members).

Shepherd’s Committee

Responsible for providing love, encouragement, prayer and support for the Pastor and First family.

Sunday School

The function of the church is to present the Word of God as it is written which is without error. The purpose of our School is to warn and teach every student both young and old how to observe the things that God has commanded.


This group is charged with the responsibility for the supervision and care of all property and equipment owned by our church. The Board is to plan and set policies for the maintenance and use of the property and equipment, and receives and administers all bequests to the church.

Ushers / Health Ministry

With warm smiles and an extended hand of welcome our Ushers will provide you with seating for the worship services while our Health professionals stand ready to administer treatment to a stricken victim.

Y.A.M.S. (Young Adult Ministry)

This ministry seeks to train, equip, empower, and connect young-adult leaders for the development of Christ seeking young adults in the church and beyond.

Youth Department

This ministry seeks to provide experiences that significantly impact the development of youth through Bible Study, evangelism opportunities and fellowship through a variety of activities and excursions.